FSP launches company-wide community initiative

1 September 2022

FSP has launched a new community initiative giving all employees 2 additional days of leave allowance to be used for charity work.

It’s been great to see individuals and teams from across the business sharing the ways in which they have been supporting a range of different charities and community projects. Sometimes, our team even end up using their digital transformation expertise in improving processes for our communities!

This was the case for one of our Transformation Consultants, Kevin Yeo, who recently volunteered his time at a Scout and Guide activity camp, providing IT Consultancy and Application development.

Kevin said: “I’m a proud Scout Leader and I have been since I was 18. Back in 2003, ahead of an important event, I was asked to create a booking system for Scoutabout, a weekend activity camp for Scouts and Guides in Surrey. In the last several years, we have expanded the booking system to support several other Scout events throughout Surrey, and internationally, and have witnessed fantastic growth and success.

This year, I supported Scoutabout 2022. The booking system facilitated participant tracking both “on the go” and to track individuals leaving site to attend offsite water activities at the nearby Ardingly Reservoir.”

This single app serves multiple events and organisations and includes some of the following functionalities:

  • Event registration
  • Payment tracking and credit card processing using Stripe
  • Contact and medical information and consent forms which can be used at the event by first aid teams
  • Travel document information (for events travelling abroad)
  • DBS verification
  • Printing of barcoded wristbands in various colours for a variety of access types within the event
  • Participant tracking

“Following the success of Scoutabout, I turned my focus to Poacher 2022, which hosts 6500 Scouts and Guides, from all over the world. The booking app was used to dispatch 800 people to over 150 trips and activities over the week, without any issue.
I thoroughly enjoy giving my time to support these events. The development of the app will only continue as technology evolves and these events grow. I look forward to the future opportunities it provides us with!”

Beyond the day-to-day, we all share a collective commitment to making a positive difference to people’s lives, by supporting local communities and charities where possible. Already, several members of our team have shared stories of their experiences with us and we have loved to see the incredible impact they have made so far. We are delighted to have launched this initiative across the business!