FSP reflects on Unity 2023

3 min 17 October 2023

In September, we hosted our annual ‘Unity’ all-company event at the Royal Society of Medicine.
It was so good to have everyone from our regional teams across the UK, as well as our Barcelona and Savanti colleagues all together, to celebrate our culture and the incredible growth journey we’ve been on. Unity, an event we have been running for the last three years, is all about coming together and truly connecting with our purpose, people and values.

We were honoured to start the day by hearing unique and inspiring stories from two of our colleagues, Pauline Toussaint and Jack Tame, who both spoke bravely about their personal experiences in relation to inclusion and belonging and what led them to FSP – both emphasising that FSP is a place that encourages them to thrive and stay true to themselves.

Several of our colleagues also presented an insightful and uplifting panel led by Eve Silveston-Maxey. We had the pleasure of hearing from Gitana Smith, Asad Refai and Usmaan Zahoor on the importance of giving back to your local and wider communities, personal experiences of early career development as a woman in tech, and of leaving your home country for your career.

To conclude the day, we were honoured to be joined by Sir Clive Woodward, former England Rugby Coach who famously led the England team to World Cup victory in 2003. Sir Clive inspired us all with his concept of ‘Teamship & Winning Behaviours’ which aligns well with FSP’s own purpose of being a world class, high performing organisation founded on our culture of belonging. We will certainly be taking a lot away from Sir Clive’s talk!

Credit to MWS for the videography. Check out the brilliant highlights video below.

Credit to Claire Patterson for the photography.

The Highlights