‘Putting the Human Into Technology’ Podcast with Simon Grosse, CEO 


Our CEO Simon Grosse joins the ‘Putting the Human Into Technology’ podcast, to discuss FSP’s people culture and inclusive leadership.

Simon Grosse joins the ‘Putting the Human Into Technology’ podcast. With hosts.  Mark Williams and Gethyn Ellis, discuss how FSP navigated the pandemic and subsequent changing world of work.

Simon also highlights the importance of living your values and putting people at the heart of your organisation. 

A few key takeaways are: 

  • Pick an organisation where your personal and professional values align.  
  • People come to work to be able to thrive, gain experience and for opportunities to develop. When you create that sort of environment, the power it has, is just amazing. 
  • FSP’s culture is our strategy for sustainable growth. The people are our lifeblood, they’re the heart and soul of the organisation. 
  • It’s the job of every single person in FSP, to lead, live and breathe our culture and values 
  • Every day’s a learning day. 

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