Dave Martin – Programme Manager

2 mins 21 April 2022

Finding nirvana or the nearest thing to it…..

I started my working career in the late 80’s, yep you are about to hear from an “oldie”. Generally, at this point in my life, I think I should be a grumpy old man who has put up with the “establishment” and is simply biding time being critical of the world around him. This is not the case…

Back Story

My back story is an extended list of “jobs” that saw me working in Banking, Retail, IT, System Integrators and more. I have worked in both large corporations and small businesses, and this has enabled me to build a clear view on what I think good looks like for me. On joining a company, you can quickly appreciate how you are valued, what really drives the business, the level of autonomy you have and the amount of impact you can truly make. As you can imagine from where this anecdote is going, I have a wealth of experience working in jobs where the value, drive, autonomy, and impact was sufficient for a time, but always left me unfulfilled in the long term.

Working at FSP

FSP and I found each other in 2015. By this time, I was fully disillusioned and on first pass I absolutely questioned the cultural intention of working in a “Happy Company”. I fully expected it to be the strapline that underpins the logo and nothing more. I smile as I remember the interview period and my obvious doubts.

At FSP I have found both a career and home, for me this is not a “job” it’s an opportunity to invest my life energies in something that is progressive, fulfilling, not always easy and doing so with likeminded people. On a daily basis, I feel that I am helping those around me achieve goals, whether it’s clients or colleagues, this fundamental life satisfaction drives me each day (and the occasional weekend) to deliver for FSP.

I can be who I want to be at FSP, and grumpy is no longer part of my arsenal.