Eve Silveston-Maxey – PMO Lead, Product & Programme Delivery

1 min 29 July 2022

I joined FSP as a Delivery Manager back in October 2019, after having completed a graduate scheme with another organisation. I was keen to explore the world of consultancy and was looking for an exciting, fast-paced work environment, where I could feel positively challenged and accelerate my career.

When I first joined FSP, I had promised myself that I was going to walk through that door and do some of the best work of my life. I was however, unfortunately dealing with some difficult personal circumstances and as a result, spent a lot of time picking my mental health up off the floor and trying to keep it together. I remember sitting down with Simon Grosse, our CEO, who told me that FSP had my back, and together FSP and I would get through whatever difficulties I was facing. FSP has not only supported me with my professional development, but also through some difficult times personally. After a very rocky start, I bounced back, all thanks to FSP. Around 10 months into my career journey at FSP, I was given new internal engagement, operational and client challenges that inspired and motivated me, and again, I was driven to do the best work of my life – I was back and better than ever.

In October 2021, I was invited to share my own story of my personal journey, in front of all my colleagues at our ‘Unity’ event. On a high from earlier on in the day, I was then awarded in the evening at our annual Awards Ceremony, ‘Team Player of the Year’ and ‘Employee of the Year’. What this taught me, was that no matter how difficult things get, with commitment and dedication, you can always turn it around – especially with incredible people around you. Going from a turbulent start at FSP, to ‘Employee of the Year’ in just 2 years, has proven that to me. Being able to be 100% myself in the workplace is extremely empowering and Unity 2021 / our Awards Evening, was a day I will never forget.

FSP has also shown me that what was defined as some of my greatest weaknesses at previous organisations I had worked for, were recognised as my greatest strengths at FSP. Creating an inclusive workplace culture is more than just a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy / Policy, it is living and breathing your personal and the organisation’s values and ethos.

I feel a real sense of belonging at FSP and know that it is mutually felt by all that work here. After all, how can people deliver great work and results if they cannot be truly themselves?

Over the past 2 and a half years at FSP, I have thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my clients, helping them to define, implement and mature their delivery practices, as well as mature our own operational delivery practices. Early in 2022, I was promoted to Senior Delivery Manager. Every morning, I look forward to getting out of bed and working with exceptionally talented individuals, colleagues and clients, all aligned on values and ethos.

What the last 2 and a half years with FSP has taught me, is that life starts where your comfort zone ends. FSP has had such a profound impact on my life, not only on my professional career but on my confidence, my personal relationships and my mental health. I am beyond grateful for the exciting opportunities I have been entrusted with and look forward to an exciting career with FSP, scaling our delivery operations and defining our practices and processes as we grow bigger and bigger, and in my first Leadership Role as PMO Lead.

I continue to be so proud to be a part of FSP and the amazing journey we are on.