Jordan Jenkins – Associate Support Consultant

2 min 16 June 2023

I’m Jordan, an Associate Support Consultant within the Managed Services team at FSP. My journey started in South Africa, where I was raised. I moved to the UK at the beginning of 2023 because there were better job opportunities for me here than in South Africa. I had my CompTia A+, N+, S+ / MS-900 certifications, but I needed to go to the UK if I was going to get the life and career that I dreamt of.

I’ve got some British roots – my grandfather was from the UK, and my mother was born in the British Colony of Rhodesia – so I had the opportunity to become a British citizen.

I thought I would struggle getting into the world of IT in the UK, and wondered how many months it would take. It was a big risk to move to another country, and I couldn’t expect it to be easy. Incredibly, I was wrong.

On the day of taking my flight to the UK, with just my phone and luggage in hand, I was messaged by Tim Ebenezer, FSP’s COO, about a job opportunity in the fast-growing Managed Services team at FSP!

My first thought, as I was leaving South Africa and moving to the UK to begin a new chapter of my life, was “FSP? Who in the world is that!”

A month and three interviews later, I was given an offer and I promptly accepted.

I’m now happily part of the Managed Services team as an Associate Support Consultant, officially 3 months in and loving every moment of it! There are new challenge every day which I can delve into. The freedom to be able to take on tasks and own them without being micro-managed is an amazing experience for me. I love that my colleagues are also more than happy to train me on many of the subjects I wish to grow in, so I can shadow them to experience even more.

I am surrounded by a great group of supportive people that I am excited to get to know better. I’m starting to settle into life in the UK and am ready to grow as an individual, to develop my knowledge and skill set, and to focus on building a life and career where I can thrive and constantly make new opportunities for myself.