Major Defence Contractor

2 mins 23 May 2022

FSP worked on a large-scale adoption initiative with a major defence contractor.  The organisation has over 2,000 employees operating from 6 UK locations including manufacturing centres; and is part of a larger global group of over 150,000 employees.

The challenge

FSP were engaged as part of a highly complex activity to replace aging infrastructure and an interdependent set of mission critical applications with modern cloud-based tools. Alongside delivering the cloud platform, FSP were charged with leading change, adoption and communications to all users in the organisation.

It was critical that users understood the required ways of working in the new environment, as there were significant changes to protection of day to day information, and the need to stay compliant with legislation and export controls.

In addition, the change and adoption activity took place during the 2020 Covid lockdown when all of the project team were working remotely along with the majority of users.

The solution

Our approach to the change and adoption activity involved working as an integrated part of the project team to ensure a cohesive approach.

Building awareness and desire for the new environment was key, and we launched fortnightly forums for key representatives from each area of the organisation for a 6 month countdown period prior to launch.  This ensured that key messages were shared and feedback sought. The programme team worked with this community to jointly build the migration schedule – building key buy-in to dates and approach.

We worked closely with the corporate comms teams to ensure key messages were delivered to senior stakeholders and across the whole organisation. 

Our training strategy involved a Super User community who we identified, trained and supported to enable them to support their colleagues through migration and adoption of the new tools.  This was further supported by the design and delivery of a Knowledge Hub site populated with a mix of “how to” tutorials, bite sized videos, and “ways of working” guides. 

The outcome

Our change and adoption approach successfully supported the adoption of new ways of working and  minimised the potential disruption from a complex migration activity.

  • 128 Super Users recruited, trained and supported.
  • Knowledge hub built and populated providing 24 x 7 advice and guidance
  • All activities successfully delivered remotely (at a time when onsite activity was prohibited)