Zak Kayyal – Delivery Manager

1 min 4 November 2022

Despite only being with FSP for a matter of months at the time of writing this, I felt compelled to share my story and my experiences of being here thus far. I tend to approach many things in life as an “open-minded sceptic”.

Over the years, I’ve encountered many organisations who claim to have people at their core and to be great places to work but never have I encountered or worked for an organisation that truly live and breathe it as much as FSP do. The numerous awards obviously help to tell that story but for me, it didn’t really hit home until I joined.

From day one here, I have felt able and encouraged to reach out to anyone in the organisation, no matter their seniority and I’ve enjoyed several personal chats with our co-founders and other members of the leadership team. These conversations never feel like a chore for anyone and I believe that taking the time out to make them happen is important for everyone and helps reinforce our togetherness, not to mention helping everyone to learn from each other every day.

In my 16+ years working in the IT industry, I’ve never truly felt so proud of who I work for and what we do for our employees and their families, our clients, charities and the environment. These values are very important to me and therefore it makes me very pleased to know that they’re just as important to FSP.

I feel there are ample opportunities here at FSP to improve myself and those around me and I look forward to a long and successful career here.