Sustainable Digital Transformation Wrap Up

7 min 8 November 2023

As we conclude our Sustainability series, we thought we’d share a brief video summarising essential insights for a sustainable digital transformation. We hope you’ll find it both informative and inspiring!

Watch the video here:

Sustainable Digital Transformation

Curious for more? Explore our Sustainability page for in-depth resources including our white paper and follow us on LinkedIn if you haven’t already. While this series may be wrapping up, our commitment to sustainability remains steadfast. We’ll continue to share advice and insights to keep the conversation going.

Let’s work together towards a more sustainable future! 

More info about our content creators:

Paul Bevis is our Chief Technology Officer. Paul led the publication of our Sustainable Digital Transformation White Paper at the beginning of the series and has published an article on what GreenOps is and how it can be optimised.

Chris Campbell, a Principal Consultant, explores the links between sustainability and digital maturity and offers practical suggestions on how both can help you create your digital transformation strategy.

Our Partner in Data & AI, Hrayr Diloyan, covers how data and analytics is a pivotal enabler for organisations to fulfil their sustainability objectives, and how CDOs can use this opportunity to help their organisation harness the power of data.

Andrew Bunning, one of our Solutions Architects in the Cloud Engineering team, delves into how harnessing the flexibility of cloud technology can empower organisations to be both more effective and more sustainable.

Tony Pimm, our Partner in Modern Workplace, highlights the importance of incorporating sustainability into your organisation’s IT strategy, and how measuring and reporting the carbon impact of your cloud usage is a crucial first step.

Richard Edwin, a Principal Consultant, tells us how Enterprise Architecture can be used to help prioritise, track and drive your sustainability initiatives.